Wii USB Loader v1.1 | developed by Waninkoko / kwiirk

Wii USB HD Loader

Yes, finally the wait for the USB HD Loader is over. The best thing for the Wii users has finally arrived. By using it, they can easily install and load all their backups from a USB HD without using any DVDs. The working of this application is confirmed.

For installing this application, you require the following downloads –

Digital Kaos - Downloads - cIOS36_rev9-Installer

Digital Kaos - Downloads - USB HD Loader

If you do not want to download via the homebrew channel, here is another option, the link for Channels

Digital Kaos - Downloads - Wii USB HD Loader Channel

Here is a piece of information on the installation process for the people who want to get familiar with the setup of this application.


  1. Download the ZIP file.
  2. Extract it to the root folder of the SD card.
  3. After this, there are two new folders (“USB Loader 1_0” and “cIOS rev9”) in the “apps” folder.
  4. From the Homebrew channel, start the “cIOS Installer”.
  5. Select the type of installation as “Network Installation” by pressing Right on the D-Pad.
  6. If any errors come up during installation, rerun the “cIOS Installer”. Make sure that every component is installed successfully.
  7. Reboot.
  8. Choose a USB drive and plug it in. Adjust it to make sure that the LED on the USB drive gets correctly powered on.
  9. Reboot.
  10.  From the Homebrew Channel, start the “USB Loader”.
  11.  If the black rectangular section is empty and without any text after the launching of USB Loader, press the power button on console to power cycle your Wii.
  12.  If you receive an error stating “Could not initialize USB subsystem (ret=-1)”, then it does not support the plugged in USB device and you need to change it.
  13.  If you receive a warning stating that there are not any WBFS partitions, then it supports the USB drive you have plugged in.
  14.  Format a partition by pressing the ‘A’ button. (CAUTION: Always backup any significant data before pressing the ‘A’ button as formatting means deleting everything from the partition.)
  15.  In the next screen, choose the desired partition to be formatted and press the ‘A’ button.
  16.  After the completion of the partition formatting, a list of games (currently blank) comes up. Along with this, the amount of used space and the remaining free space are also displayed on the screen. (The correct size of the used and free space is not shown as a small bug is currently there in the software, but still it can be referred.)
  17.  Choose a Wii game disc for backup and insert it into the Wii.
  18.  Backup the disc by pressing the “+” button. (The backup time of the disc can vary from 30 secs to 45 mins depending on the game. For example, Carnival games take 58 secs!)
  19.  After the completion of the backup process, press any button and the game selection screen is again displayed.
  20.  Eject the game disc.
  21.  Press “A” after selecting a game from the list of games.
  22.  Now the game itself will load, and become fully playable from the USB drive!


NOTE: Some games successfully backup after the installation, yet during the gameplay they need the disc to be inserted (This seems to be the second identified bug).



- This application comes with no warranty at all, neither express nor implied. I do not take any responsibility for any damage in your wii console because of a improper usage of this software.


- USB Loader is a Nintendo Wii application that allows you to install and boot your wii iso backups from any USB 1.1 or v2.0 storage device, disk drive or flash key.


- Custom IOS36 rev 09 or above.
- USB device with one free partition for games.


- Team Twiizers and devkitPRO devs for their great work in libogc.
- All the betatesters.
- kwiirk, for his EHCI module.
- neimod, for the Custom IOS module.

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